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Morgan Kraybill Gross


A Harrisonburg native with a desire to add to the beautiful canvas that Harrisonburg already is.


A social worker and parent with awareness of how important the creative process is for all of us to tap into in our own unique ways, for grounding and connection. 


A community member invested in making the community and world healthier, through providing an opportunity to lighten your environmental footprint by donating (and utilizing!) creative materials that might otherwise end up in the landfill, and through opportunities for community connection and joy!


Morgan Kraybill Gross is excited to gather and gently hold the creative web of people, ideas, energy and organization it will take to get Harrisonburg’s first creative reuse center off the ground this year. This has long been a dream, after first setting foot in the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse about 15 years ago.


And much credit to the many, many people, businesses and groups in Harrisonburg that have been cheering this idea along since Fall 2022, as by it's very nature, without the support of the community, a creative reuse space can't exist. Valley Creative Reuse exists because of you and your support! 

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